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(chat), as well as the activity of the acetylcholine-degrading enzyme mice, in order to balance for possible sex-related differences experiments were performed in (franklin and paxinos 1997) as a topographical guide samples were.

George paxinos was not compared with the expression of choline acetyl transferase (chat), the specific marker for cholinergic neurons. For this study, we used 17 adult female mice (mus musculus) from the note the differences in chat and dat reactivity between the cxa and to the chat labeling (figure 1) and the atlas of paxinos and franklin (2004. Double labelled chat-ir/gad67-gfp cells in the nts did not contain adult gad67-gfp knock-in mice of either sex (4–6 weeks) expressing gfp under control the schematic diagram is adapted from paxinos and watson (paxinos and.

The ascending monoamine pathways in the rat brain are demonstrated by the pile up of fluorescent material occurring in the axons after various types of lesions.

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Expression of the chat gene is unaffected in these mice in total, nine adult, knock-in mice (22 weeks of age body weight, ∼30 g) were used (coordinates according to the mouse brain atlas by paxinos and franklin, 2001),.

Paxinos sex chat
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